When directing medication to the frontal sinus and frontal drainage pathways is required, standard sprays and squeeze bottles may not provide accurate delivery of treatment to the area. Studies have shown that you can do very large volume washes and never reach the frontal sinus. This is due to the position of the sinus, previous surgery, head position during delivery and the effects of gravity.

The frontal sinus is located within our forehead bone. The drainage pathway can be very narrow and is located between the eyes at the root of the nose. Even after sinus surgery, when the partitions have been removed, the natural anatomical boundaries of the frontal sinus drainage pathways can still be quite narrow. The frontal sinus drainage pathway can be almost vertically down.

In order to deliver medication to this area the ‘head hanging’ position at the end of a bed is the easiest to do.

An alternative, is on the ground with the top of the head touching the floor.