Tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses are rare, accounting for less than 1% of all tumors. These tumors can be either benign or malignant, and they vary greatly in location, size, and type.

The symptoms associated with nasal and sinus tumors are often difficult to distinguish from other nasal conditions such as allergies or sinus infections. Nasal congestion, facial pain and pressure, runny nose, and post-nasal drip as well as symptoms including recurrent and severe bleeding from the nose, facial swelling, associated eye symptoms, and changes in sensation to the face should prompt evaluation by several medical specialties including otolaryngology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, neurosurgery, and others, especially symptoms that are only present on one side or symptoms that represent a significant change from before.

The treatments for benign and malignant nasal and sinus tumors are highly complex and may include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy depending on the particular tumor and the needs of the patient.

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