Post-Operative Nose & Sinus Care

Sinus Care

Saline Irrigation with squeeze bottle: start the day after your surgery, one wash 2-3 times/day

Nasal irrigations help to remove mucus, old blood and crusts, inflammatory products, fungus, and bacteria, which can irritate the sinus lining. High volume positive pressure irrigation is the most effective way to deliver solution to the sinus mucosa (see picture). Simple nasal sprays only reach the lining of the nasal cavity. Nebulizers, inhalations, pressurized sprays and other forms of delivery are less effective. You can irrigate more frequently but at least twice a day.


With your head over the sink, place the black bottle tip firm against the nostril and squeeze the bottle firmly. This should empty about half the bottle. Solution should flow out the other nostril. Repeat on the other nostril. Please use the squeeze bottle and not a pump or pressurized spray. 

Antibiotic Ointment: jelly bean-sized amount to both nostrils and any external wound, twice a day

Bactroban ointment is an antibiotic that kills infection-causing bacteriaIt is especially effective against Staph aureus bacteria.

Do not blow your nose.

It’s better to irrigate out any mucus or old blood. 

Do not bend down or strain.

If you bend down or strain, blood may come out of the nose from the small healing mucosal edges inside. Do not worry if this happens – no harm is done – but it is a sign to take things easier.

Post-Op Appointment

Dr Barham will see you 7-21 days after surgery. Please call us at the Clinic over the next week to confirm a time. If you have any concerns please call us at the Clinic.

Other potential medicines


An antibiotic effective against common bacteria in the sinus. Helps to prevent sinusitis and infection after surgery. An alternative will be given if you are allergic to penicillin.

Twice daily/10 days


Prevents and reduces inflammation after surgery. Take in the morning. Dr Barham will discuss reducing the dose & coming off this medication at your post-op visit

____mg daily until first post-op visit.

Not required


Useful in in the first 72 hours if there is  troublesome bleeding/ooze.

2 sprays after irrigation

ONLY IF REQUIRED in the first 72hrs


Regular use for 48-72 hours then as required

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