Chronic Runny Nose, Hay Fever, and Blocked Sinuses Can Be Caused By Many Things. Know Your Options For Treatment.

Whether your nasal and sinus problems only occur during allergy season or last year round, you CAN get relief by identifying your specific problem and creating a customized plan to effectively treat it. Dr. Christian Hall and Henry Barham will help you find the solution to your Rhinitis or Sinusitis problems.

Not All Doctors Are Alike

Dr. Henry Barham and Dr. Christian Hall are board-certified Rhinologists, specializing in sinus and nasal issues. Unlike Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors who cover a variety of ailments and have to generalize, Drs. Hall and Barham are nasal and sinus specialists, and are at the forefront of Rhinitis and Sinusitis diagnosis and treatment. Drs. Hall and Barham are leaders in the field, sought out by medical device companies to trial new, innovative treatments, and are recognized by their peers for their allergy and sinus publications.

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More Personalized Treatment Options

Because of their training and involvement with leading sinus/nasal treatment companies, Drs. Barham and Hall can deliver a much broader range of solutions for you to choose from, ranging from immunotherapy to cutting-edge in-office procedures. Conservative care is always the first option and should surgery be required, it will be at the hands of a highly-trained specialist.

Know Your Options – ALL Of Them

Rhinologists like Dr. Henry Barham and Dr. Christian Hall have a much deeper and broader range of knowledge and experience and are able to deliver a better approach to your specific diagnosis. Their continual training and expertise assure you of the widest variety of treatment options to help you get effective results fast.

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