Stuffy Nose and Sinus Pain Relief

Congestion and Nasal Blockage, Headache and Facial Pressure, and Post Nasal Drip can be caused by many things.

Know Your Options For Treatment.

Whether your nasal and sinus problems only occur during allergy season or last year-round, you CAN get relief. Dr. Henry Barham and Dr. Christian Hall are fellowship-trained Rhinologists specializing in sinus and nasal issues. Fellowship-trained means Drs. Barham and Hall have completed a dedicated training focused on complex conditions of the nose and sinus.

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World Class Care, Locally.

Together, Dr. Barham and Dr. Hall founded the only dedicated rhinology practice in the region for focused, world-class medical and surgical care to both adults and children with sinus and nasal problems. They are actively involved in new treatment options and studies to deliver new treatment options.

More Personalized Treatment Options

We provide in-clinic services such as comprehensive allergy testing, nasal endoscopy, CT scans, and an advanced level of training to be able to appropriately and accurately diagnose your problem and find a solution for you.