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Olfactory Training: An at Home Remedy

Most people don’t think about their sense of smell until they are presented with a flower or a new bottle of perfume. While our sense of smell may not seem very important, it’s what attracts us to others, allows us to wake up during a fire, and prevents us from eating spoiled food. Unfortunately, our sense of smell is often underappreciated until we lose it.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps and Inhalers – Fact or Fiction?

Himalayan salt is the purest salt available because it has absolutely no chemicals, toxins, or pollutants. It contains the same 84 natural minerals in the human body, all which can easily be absorbed by cells because of their tiny size.

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Chronic Sinusitis in Baton Rouge: Benefits of Septoplasty Surgery

Having a deviated septum can cause a lot of problems and discomfort.  Obstruction of the nostrils, nosebleeds, facial pain and breathing difficulties are all signs of a deviated septum.  This occurs when the thin wall between your nasal passages is displaced to one side, making one passage smaller than the other. Other issues like snoring, [...]

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ENT Surgeons in Baton Rouge: What Should I Expect Following Sinus Surgery?

After medical therapy has failed, sinus surgery is the primary treatment for chronic sinusitis.   The goal of sinus surgery is to restore the natural sinus drainage pathways, remove inflamed and diseased tissue, preserve the natural sinus mucosa, and create openings for the trans-nasal irrigation of topical medical therapies. Sinus surgery is typically performed under general [...]

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Sinus Disorders: Seasonal Allergies in Louisiana [Infographic]

Different times of the year can take a toll on your sinuses and allergies.  Understanding what is in the air, and how these things impact you can help you help prepare against the elements.  The infographic below is a great reference for what each season brings. If you are tire of your allergies, or believe you may have [...]

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