best medicine to dry up runny nose

Can’t Seem to Catch a Break from Your Runny Nose?

When your nose is not working, it can ruin your life. Breathing normally, getting restful sleep, and feeling energized are all based on whether your nose is runny and congested.

These problems may have been a minor inconvenience in the past. A restless night now and then or a couple of days of congestion never bothered you too much. Now you can’t walk out of the house without making sure you have a pocket full of tissues. What was once a minor inconvenience is suddenly impacting your everyday life. You can’t even confidently talk to people because you’re worried your nose will start running in front of them.

Is this sounding familiar? Do you even remember the last time you could take a full deep breath? If you’re ready to say goodbye to that runny nose, then Sinus and Allergy Specialists of Louisiana can help with RhinAer™.

Chronic Rhinitis: More than a Runny Nose

Chronic rhinitis affects your health and life more than you may realize. Disrupted sleep due to the inability to breathe at night causes daily fatigue. This snowballs into negatively affecting your home, social, and work life. On these days, a runny nose may lead to you being sent home from work and forced to quarantine before reentering businesses.

What is Chronic Rhinitis?

An inflammation of the mucus membranes is called rhinitis. This condition is considered chronic when the inflammation lasts longer than four consecutive weeks. Chronic rhinitis can last months to years if not treated properly.

The causes of rhinitis vary, and symptoms range from mild to severe. Symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

  • Frequent runny nose
  • Itching
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Post-nasal drip

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you need to get a proper diagnosis from a board-certified ENT. An ENT has the expertise to properly diagnose and create a treatment plan based on your medical history and goals. Your ENT may even decide you are a good candidate for the RhinAer™ procedure.

What is the RhinAer™ Procedure?

RhinAer™ is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure that prevents excessive mucus from forming by using radiofrequency to alter the posterior nasal nerve. With RhinAer™, you no longer have to suffer from chronic rhinitis, and you get to avoid invasive surgery.

Some of the benefits patients experience when choosing RhinAer™ are:

  • Fewer runny noses
  • No more post-nasal drip
  • Decreased coughing
  • No surgery
  • No cutting or removal of sinus tissue
  • Improved quality of life
  • Return to normal activities quickly

Are you ready to find out if RhinAer™ can work for you? Stop suffering and schedule your appointment with Sinus and Nasal Specialists of Louisiana today!