Have You Had Enough of Your Sinuses?

The day goes by like it normally would, and then you notice an unusual sign: yet another, surprise runny nose. You put it off and then experience low-grade fever later in the day. Maybe, some of the parents in your child’s class have been telling you to research the signs of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) in adults and you haven’t gotten to it. Maybe, you can’t remember your vaccination status and/or exposure to friends and family members showing symptoms of Omicron, Delta, or another COVID-19 variant.

Whatever the scenario, you know one thing: you are sick of waking up to another sinus symptom taking over your day. Complete the following Sinus Self-Assessment Quiz, and Sinus & Nasal Specialists of Louisiana will contact you about how to get your symptoms under control so you can get back to living.

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1. Clogged nose
2. Runny nose
3. Post nasal discharge
4. Thick nasal discharge
5. Facial pain / pressure
6. Fatigue
7. Need to blow nose
8. Loss of smell or taste
9. Ear fullness
10. Difficulty falling asleep
11. Waking up at night
12. Lack of good night's sleep
13. Waking up tired
14. Reduced productivity
15. Frustrated / irritable
16. Reduced concentration
17. Embarrassed
18. Sad
19. Ear pain
20. Cough
0 points
(20 questions left)
No Problem
Your sinus symptoms have relatively minor effects on your quality of life.

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