If you are having trouble preventing or managing a nosebleed, follow the suggestions below.

  1. Gently blow nose to remove clots.
  2. Use Afrin (2-3 sprays to each nostril) immediately to help stop bleeding.
  3. Hold pressure to site of bleeding for 10 minutes without letting go in order to clot site.
  4. Remain seated in upright position.
  5. If bleeding persists try the above routine again.
  6. If bleeding continues, call EMS or proceed to emergency room.


  1. Use humidifier to keep air at home moist. (If heater is on – humidifier should be
  2. No fans at night/air conditioning blowing on face.
  3. Use Ayr Gel or Ponaris nose spray every 4 hours and as needed to keep inside of nose moist.
  4. If prefer saline nasal rinse bottle:
  • Pop off top and pour a little out.
  • Use eye dropper, and add 10-15 drops sesame oil to solution.
  • Shake solution up to mix well.
  • Use 1-2 sprays every 4 hours and as needed to keep nose moist.
  • Once finished with saline bottle, do not reuse.  Throw away and begin process over for new bottle.

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