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Septoplasty Surgery in Baton Rouge: Symptoms and Diagnosis for a Deviated Septum

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Apr 16, 2018 8:57:00 AM

Before any corrective surgery, there are a few things that need to be addressed.  First, you need to recognize that something may need to be corrected; second, it needs to be diagnosed.  When it comes to your nasal passages, there are a number of signs and symptoms that can point to a common issue; a deviated septum.  A deviated septum occurs when your nasal septum, the thin wall that separates the nasal passages is displaced, or deviated, to one side or the other.  This makes one passage smaller, and in severe cases can block one side of your nose, reducing air flow, making it difficult to breathe.  

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Chronic Sinusitis in Baton Rouge: Benefits of Septoplasty Surgery

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Apr 12, 2018 10:30:42 AM

Having a deviated septum can cause a lot of problems and discomfort.  Obstruction of the nostrils, nosebleeds, facial pain and breathing difficulties are all signs of a deviated septum.  This occurs when the thin wall between your nasal passages is displaced to one side, making one passage smaller than the other. Other issues like snoring, sleep apnea, and upper respiratory symptoms like facial pressure and a runny nose can develop as a result of a deviated septum.   If medications like decongestants and antihistamines, or other medical therapies haven’t alleviated these symptoms, septoplasty surgery can straighten and reposition your septum to the middle of your nose. 

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ENT Surgeons in Baton Rouge: What Should I Expect Following Sinus Surgery?

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Mar 29, 2018 4:07:51 PM

After medical therapy has failed, sinus surgery is the primary treatment for chronic sinusitis.   The goal of sinus surgery is to restore the natural sinus drainage pathways, remove inflamed and diseased tissue, preserve the natural sinus mucosa, and create openings for the trans-nasal irrigation of topical medical therapies. Sinus surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, meaning the patient is completely asleep during the entire operation. Some sinus surgeries may take an hour or less to complete while others can take much longer.

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Sinus Disorders: Seasonal Allergies in Louisiana [Infographic]

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Feb 21, 2018 9:03:00 AM

Different times of the year can take a toll on your sinuses and allergies.  Understanding what is in the air, and how these things impact you can help you help prepare against the elements.  The infographic below is a great reference for what each season brings.

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Rhinoplasty in Baton Rouge: What Should You Expect?

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Jan 26, 2018 10:52:47 AM

The term rhinoplasty is derived from the German “rhinoplastik” which means “changing the shape of the nose”. Because the nose occupies a central position on the face, its size and shape greatly impacts an individual’s appearance.  This is one reason why nearly 500,000 people seek a rhinoplasty consultation each year.

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Septoplasty in Baton Rouge: What Do You Need to Know?

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Jan 19, 2018 8:25:00 AM

What is a septoplasty?A septoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that is performed to improve nasal airflow by relieving nasal obstruction. The surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other sino-nasal procedures: turbinoplasty, sinus surgery, nasal valve repair, rhinoplasty, etc. The goal of a septoplasty is to improve the nasal airway by eliminating nasal blockage due to a deviated, or bent, nasal septum.

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Treatment of Pituitary Tumors in Baton Rouge

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Nov 15, 2017 8:04:00 AM

Pituitary tumors are abnormal growths that develop in your pituitary gland. Some pituitary tumors result in excess levels of hormones that regulate important functions of your body; while other pituitary tumors can cause the gland to produce lower levels of hormones. It's important to know that most pituitary tumors are benign (noncancerous) growths that remain in your pituitary gland or surrounding the tissue and don't spread to other parts of your body.

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Baton Rouge ENT Physicians Explain Nasal Obstruction

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Nov 9, 2017 8:47:18 AM

Do you suffer with a completely or partially obstructed nasal airway? If so, you can’t breathe through your nose, and that’s a miserable feeling. Nasal obstruction results in fatigue, decreased exercise capacity, dry mouth, poor sleep, poor concentration, headaches, and the list goes on.

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Baton Rouge Sinus Treatments: What is Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease?

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Oct 24, 2017 9:07:01 AM

If you have chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and asthma you may have a hypersensitivity to aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen. This condition, traditionally known as Aspirin Sensitive Asthma or Samter’s triad, has been difficult to diagnose and treat. However, recent advances in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies have improved our ability to help these patients.

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Sinus Surgery in Baton Rouge: When and Why Do I Need It?

Posted by Sinus & Nasal on Oct 18, 2017 9:43:10 AM

Do you suffer from facial pressure, post-nasal drip, nasal blockages or obstruction, decreased sense of smell and taste, fatigue, headache, and drainage of thick mucus from your nose?  If you do, you may suffer from chronic sinusitis, or symptoms from prolonged sinus inflammation.  This prolonged inflammation is the most common reason to undergo sinus surgery.  However, with these symptoms a nasal exam and CT scan are also necessary to confirm the presence of sinus inflammation.  These tests are run after an extended treatment course (at least 3 weeks) of an appropriate antibiotic. If the exam and CT scan reveal evidence of sinusitis, and your symptoms persist after adequate medical treatment, you could be a prime candidate for sinus surgery.   

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